Cat Food-Ball
Cat Food-Ball
Cat Food-Ball

Cat Food-Ball

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Our Cat Food-Ball is one of the most wanted products we sell, and that is not a coincidence. 

Cats that play with the Food-Ball:

  • Will be much more active when it's daytime.
  • Have to use their instincts and work for their food.
  • Will be healthier, because they have to eat slow. This helps with digestion and bloating.
  • You only have to fill the toy, and the cat can play with it when you are not around.

The Food-Ball it's self has some special features:

  • First of all, the toy has a bell inside that rings when the toy is moved. This attracts your cat instantly.
  • It has a hole in the shape of a cat, this gives it a unique look.
  • Because of the gravity base, it can't fall over.
  • We have created a maze inside the bottom of the Food-Ball, this increases difficulty and it will increase the time that your cat will play.
  • The toy also has a transparent shell, this means that your cat can clearly see the food inside and will become more excited.
  • Last but not least, the ball is made from the same material as the Dog Food-Ball. Our Food-Balls are able to resist infinite amount of playing sessions!

We really hope your cat can be one of the many cats that we have made really happy with our products!